About Us

Originally established in 1972, G.D. Lodge Architects has developed a reputation for providing imaginative solutions combining design flair with technical and commercial awareness. Our starting point is always to fully understand the requirements of our client, enabling us to evolve an optimized design solution that acknowledges the influence of all design team members and project stakeholders. We have developed an expertise over a broad range of project types and are actively involved across all major market sectors. With many design awards to our credit, G. D. Lodge Architects has a demonstrable track record in securing consents for sites in challenging and sensitive locations.

Over the course of our 50 plus years, we have forged an excellent reputation with many Local Authorities and developed successful working relationships with some of the country’s leading construction industry consultants. Our thorough understanding of the current marketplace enables us to balance design aspirations and innovative thinking with commercial viability and practicality. We thrive in a rigorous, business orientated environment and are often engaged in fast-track projects to demanding timescales. Your project will benefit from our highly qualified and motivated staff, working under the guidance of our experienced partners and associates. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you.